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CDC issues alert re warfarin coagulopathy and synthetic cannabinoids

HyperTension - Sat, 04/28/2018 - 09:45
CDC: What Do Health Care Providers Need To Do? ............ Healthcare providers should maintain a high index of suspicion for vitamin K-dependent antagonist coagulopathy in patients with a history of synthetic cannabinoids (e.g., K2, Spice, and AK47) use:.................Presenting with clinical signs of coagulopathy, bleeding unrelated to an injury, or bleeding without another explanation; some patients may not divulge use of synthetic cannabinoids...................Presenting with complaints unrelated to bleeding (e.g., appendicitis).
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Renal Disease and Electrolyte Course, Aspen, CO; July 23-27, 2018

HyperTension - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 09:08
University of Colorado: Registration: To register visit http://medschool.ucdenver.edu/cme or contact Pam Welker at (303)724-3551 or at pam.welker@ucdenver.edu
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USRDS Annual Report 2017

HyperTension - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 10:00
USRDS: US Renal Data System 2017 Annual Data Report: Epidemiology of Kidney Disease in the United States
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In ICU, Ringer's lactate also better than saline.

HyperTension - Wed, 02/28/2018 - 22:12
NEJM: Conclusions: Among critically ill adults, the use of balanced crystalloids for intravenous fluid administration resulted in a lower rate of the composite outcome of death from any cause, new renal-replacement therapy, or persistent renal dysfunction than the use of saline.
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Ringer's lactate causes less kidney injury than saline.

HyperTension - Wed, 02/28/2018 - 22:10
NEJM: Balanced crystalloids resulted in a lower incidence of major adverse kidney events within 30 days than saline (4.7% vs. 5.6%; adjusted odds ratio, 0.82; 95% CI, 0.70 to 0.95; P=0.01).
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